Plans to convert Laughton stables into shops and microbrewery rejected

The stables on East Field LaneThe stables on East Field Lane
The stables on East Field Lane
PLANS for log cabins and shops to support a pond area used by anglers have been rejected over greenbelt and highways concerns.

Applicant Mr Wheeler wanted to develop on the eight-acre stables site at East Field Lane near Laughton (pictured).

The plans would have seen the existing stables converted into an angling shop, butchers, fruit and veg store and a microbrewery. 

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Two log cabins and a toilet block would also have been added. 

Papers submitted by Mr Wheeler said: “All the shop uses are in one way or another connected to either agriculture or fishing so this is why they were chosen, with the help of local requirements.

“There are no other buildings in Laughton which could facilitate this development. All the shops would be housed in the existing stables with only alterations carried out outside.

“The use for the shops would also provide not only permanent but also part-time jobs for residents, which I am sure would be beneficial for the locals and Rotherham as a whole.”

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Laughton Parish Council objected, saying no shop uses should be allowed in this greenbelt area. Members also raised concerns about safety from the increased traffic.

Streetpride also opposed the plan on highways grounds, saying the potential significant increase in vehicles would be too much for narrow East Field Lane, which has no pavements.

The triangular site is mostly used for recreational fishing, with one large pond and others being constructed.

But Rotherham Borough Council felt the proposed additions, which the applicant said would add 12 jobs, would be too much. 

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A spokesman said: “There are sufficient and appropriate facilities for outdoor sport and recreation at the site and the proposed cabins and toilet block would be excessive and would represent inappropriate development in the greenbelt. 

“It is considered that the proposed change of use of the stables to a general retail use is inappropriate in this isolated rural location.”

Meanwhile, an application for an agricultural workers’ dwelling at Wallis Farming on Brecks Lane, Herringthorpe, has also been refused.

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