Plans for housing at former Midland Road bus depot

A FORMER bus depot site could become a new development of 120 houses, under new plans submitted to Rotherham Council.
Midland Road bus depotMidland Road bus depot
Midland Road bus depot

Prospect Estates Ltd have applied for outline permission for the ten acres of land which was home to the Midland Road transport hub, Masbrough.

Roger Lee Planning Ltd, agents for the applicants, sent paperwork to Rotherham Council saying the properties would include a range of types and sizes, including two, three and four-bedroom houses and one and two-bedroom apartments.

One hurdle may be the site’s allocation as employment land in RMBC’s planning masterplan.

The site in Masbrough.The site in Masbrough.
The site in Masbrough.

The agents said: “The land has been on the market for a significant number of years now.

“There have been no formal offers for the continuation of the site for employment purposes.

“The proposed development would serve to boost the local economy, in terms of direct and indirect jobs during the development period, spending within the construction industry supply chain and spending by future residents in local shops, as well as benefits from council tax payments.”

There have been two objections so far to the plans. One resident said: “Our community is already experiencing issues with overcrowding, especially in schools and public services.

“Adding 120 houses will only exacerbate these problems, putting additional strain on resources and causing inconvenience to current residents.

“The increased number of households will inevitably lead to a surge in traffic on our already congested roads.”

First announced in 2016 that it would close the depot, which had served Rotherham for decades.

The building reverted back to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, which became South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

The site was last used as Covid test centre.