Petrol station approved for former car showroom

PLANS to convert a former car showroom into a 24-hour petrol station with a cafe have been approved.
The former Toyota Burrows siteThe former Toyota Burrows site
The former Toyota Burrows site

Euro Garages’ proposals for the old Burrows Toyota site at the Ickles roundabout say 30 full-time equivalent jobs will be created.

The main building will be redeveloped into a petrol station, with retail and food areas, with the drive-thru coffee shop being added to the front.

There will also be electric car charging points and car wash bars at the site, which has been vacant for two years.

A new pedestrian link will be added to the development from the existing footpath along Riverside Way, according to the plans.

Rotherham Council approved the plans, and noted that the site benefits from the Rotherham Renaissance Flood Alleviation Scheme.

But three conditions were added relating to flooding - asking that “flood-resilient design measures” be used where possible; a warning and evacuation plan be prepared; and strategy drawn up for surface water run-off.