Parking no issue says council as medical centre extension passed

An artist's impressionAn artist's impression
An artist's impression
EXPANDING Broom Lane Medical Centre for 1,700 extra patients will not add traffic or parking problems, Rotherham Council insisted as the plans were approved.

The number of people on roll at the surgery is set to rise to 10,000 from 8,300 as 11 extra clinical rooms and support facilities are added.

RMBC says the level of traffic will be similar because the move is a merger with Broom Valley Medical Centre, which is to close.

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But residents handed in a 69-signature petition against the proposal as it went before planning board last Thursday.

Objector Martin Ollivant said: “There has been no transport assessment submitted. How can a transport assessment not apply?

“There will be two new car parks. Cars will need to reverse onto the highway. This will add significant risk.

“It’s our opinion that RMBC have not followed processes and policies. We believe this application should be rejected on the grounds that a transport assessment has not taken place.”

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Simon Gammons, RMBC highways development control officer, said an expansion of this size did not require an assessment.

He added: “Our thoughts on this are that the trips are existing already on the public highway from people attending the other surgery.”

The expansion of Broom Lane — involving the demolition of a neighbouring bungalow — will bring more out-of-hours appointments, the applicants have stated.

But parking at peak times is a concern for residents, despite the inclusion of ten extra spaces.

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RMBC says there will be no difference in the level of on-street parking at times of full staff and all rooms in use at the surgery.

Mr Gammons added: “It’s highly unlikely that the worst-case scenario will ever be active but we are confident that the proposed ten additional spaces are capable of accommodating additional traffic and there will be no additional on-street parking as a result.

“It’s the responsibility of cars to access and egress safely. There will be good inter-visibility between pedestrians and cars.”

Planning board member Cllr David Fisher was concerned about the effect given nearby increases in property numbers, such as with the near 200-dwelling development at the former Swinden labs, Moorgate.

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He added: “I personally believe there should be more detail, a rigorous assessment on highways impact in the coming years.

“I think it could potentially damage the area in a big way and have a negative impact.”

The proposals were approved by nine votes to one.

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