Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches (now!) — Rotherham’s ‘tree of death’ replaced

The old and new Christmas treeThe old and new Christmas tree
The old and new Christmas tree
IT Was On a Starry Night (Sunday to be precise) when Rotherham town centre’s Christmas tree was erected — and today (Friday) it has already been replaced.

Residents have been up in arms over the borough council's sad looking, sparse tree in All Saints’ Square, asking: ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

A picture of the tree, which had some brown patches, was shared online. Some Facebook users believed the tired tree was from Last Christmas.

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Catherine Houseley, of Kimberworth, said: “It’s the tree of death! Have you seen the state of it!

“It looks like they’ve got last year’s tree and stuck it back. There’s nothing on it, no decorations or hardly any pine needles — that’s disgusting.

“It just shows how much Rotherham council cares.”

Well, you spoke and they listened as the tree was replaced today (Friday) with a fresher model.

The council has blamed the issues on this year’s heat wave — clearly, not The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for foliage.

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Tom Smith, Rotherham Councl’s assistant director for community safety and street scene, said the council had concerns about the condition of the original Christmas tree in All Saints' Square. 


He said: “We received the original tree on Friday, November 2. On Sunday, November 4 when the packaging was removed, and it was installed, we could see that the tree was in poor condition — it was quite sparse and had some dead branches. 

“The suppliers explained the condition was caused by the hot weather in the summer, so we arranged for them to replace it at no extra cost to the council. 

“The new tree was delivered on Wednesday and was put into the square today (Friday). The new one is in good condition.”

Now, passersby are Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree but no-one is yet to see Mommy Kissing Santa Claus under it.

Happy Christmas, War Is Over!