Child sex abuse trial: Victim's "two-hour Peak District beauty spot ordeal"

A COURT has heard how alleged sex abuser Basharat Hussain drove his victim to a Peak District beauty spot and told her she would “dig her own grave”.

The 16-year-old girl from Rotherham, now a 30-year-old woman, described her violent teenage relationship with Hussain, who she claims took her to Derbyshire and verbally and physically abused her for two hours, knocking her to the ground and spitting on her.

She said Hussain, who was around 24 years old when the alleged attack happened, was prompted to attack her by the girl helping his mum carry some shopping.

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In a 2015 police interview, played at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday, she said: “I helped her carry her shopping and he said: ‘Let's meet later.’

“When we met he was off his head on drugs and alcohol.

“We started walking around a reservoir and that's when he said: ‘Who do you think you are? I will make you dig your own grave.’

“He was calling me a slag and telling me I wasn't fit to carry his mum's shopping.

“He slapped me and I went to the floor and then he spat on me. That’s even worse than being punched.”

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She added: “When we got in the car he was screaming at me all the way home.

“Then he physically kicked me out of the car and threw my bags out.

“I was only 16 years old. I was absolutely petrified. He was just making horrible comments and saying I was worth nothing. That went on for two hours.”

Hussain denies 15 child sex abuse charges. The trial continues.