'Chemicals for teeth and verrucas', bomb plot trial told

AN alleged bomb plotter told a court chemicals found at his home had been used in a vain attempt to whiten his teeth.

Nicholas Roddis (27), who is accused of researching bomb-making materials at his local library, claimed he used hydrogen peroxide to try and add sparkle to his “yellow” teeth.

The convicted terrorist, who was released early from a jail term imposed after he planted a hoax bomb on a bus while wearing a false beard, said it had produced a “bubbling sensation” in his mouth, but was otherwise similarly ineffective.

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Roddis, of Armstrong Walk, Maltby, said other chemicals found by police had been used to tackle his warts and verrucas after he was teased by workmates.

Now on trial at the Old Bailey, Roddis is accused of scouring public libraries in Rotherham for details of explosives.


He denies engaging in conduct in preparation for an act of terrorism


The trial continues.