A way out of bus 'mess'

I WONDER if Councillor Stone and Rotherham Chief Executive Martin Kimber were watching BBC Look North on Tuesday?

If so they would have seen a tway o get Rotherham out of the constant mess with buses arriving late or not at all. Bradford are considering using the law to renationalise the buses and use the huge profits-First Mainline made 20% profit for shareholders last year- to make a decent public transport service.

First Mainline have cut the bus times on many routes over the last year or so and instead of waiting 10 minutes for a bus, you wait a hour. Mainline say they haven't the resources to provide a better service but their profit margin is several times greater than their competitors.

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The council must have recognised there are huge problems with the transport service - if there were not, there would be no free service.

There could be many votes in taking the buses back and the Council might be forgiven for the vast empty space near the parish church.

Alan Pearman.