Plenty of Chuckles at top festival

THE CHUCKLE Brothers proved they can still draw a crowd after packing out the Big Top at one of the country’s largest festivals.

And it was not just punters who flocked to see Barry and Paul Elliot perform at Bestival on the Isle of Wight last weekend as celebs were queuing up to meet the comedians turned rappers.

It was an eventful weekend as they rubbed shoulders and shared selfies with singer Lily Allen on the ferry to the site, and cosied up backstage with Tito Jackson, DJ Duke Dumont and hottest punk band of the moment, Slaves.

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The Big Top is the festival’s second biggest stage and Paul said he believed 30,000 people were packed inside with 15,000 more outside the tent and said it was “unbelievable”.

The brothers were inundated with Twitter love from festival goers, with many saying their set was the highlight of the festival and had the biggest crowd.

The festival organisers also said the brothers’ set received an “utterly insane reaction”.

Paul even gatecrashed Duke Dumont’s set which he said was absolutely brilliant.

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He also tweeted headliners The Chemical Brothers and said: “Caught you guys Saturday night on the big stage. Completely knocked out guys. What a great set Sick.”

Charlatans singer Tim Burgess tweeted Paul back and said: “I’ve collaborated on a couple of records with The Chemical Brothers. What’s my chances with The Chuckle Brothers? #2me #2u.”

Paul responded by telling Tim he would be happy to collaborate and the Chuckles were in need of ‘something new for Glastonbury’.

Could we be seeing the pair on the Pyramid Stage next year?

Watch this space.

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