Petition to block Brexit: See how many in Rotherham have signed

A PETITION calling for the Government to halt Brexit has passed the five million signatures mark - but is Rotherham backing it?

A PETITION calling for the Government to halt Brexit has passed more than five million signatures - but just 7,000 of those are from Rotherham, which has one of the lowest rates of support in the country.

A tool on the Parliament petitions page allows visitors to see where the signatories for the landmark petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked — the most popular of its kind in the site’s history.

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And it reveals Rotherham, which voted heavily to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum, has remained indifferent to the latest attempt to halt the process.

Just 2,159 backers have come forward from the Rotherham constituency as of 1pm today — 2.37 per cent of constituents — compared to 3,522 in the Rother Valley (3.7 per cent) and 2,546 in Wentworth and Dearne (2.6 per cent).

It means almost twice as many voters have backed the petition in the Sheffield Hallam constituency alone than in the whole of Rotherham.

The petition stood at 5.47 million names this lunchtime, more than 50 times the size needed for it to be discussed in Parliament.

The latest Brexit debate aimed at brokering a way through the current deadlock is due to take place in the House of Commons this evening.