Pet shop is the top dog

A PET shop’s viral TikTok video reached nearly half a million views and helped sell all of their “strange and weird” dog treats — including chicken feet and cow testicles — in 24 hours.

Paws to Hooves, a family-run pet shop on Bawtry Road in Wickersley, emptied their shelves of bull’s penis and rabbit ears after customers from Scotland to Plymouth stocked up on the “unusual” items after seeing their clip on social media.  

The business was founded by pet lover and dog food expert Diane Blackham, whose daughter Yama (18) started posting short videos on TikTok earlier this year.

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“We soon gained a lot of attention for our strange and weird treats,” said Yama. “Viewers loved our videos so much they started ordering from our website.  

“Some of these weird treats that the viewers loved so much included bull’s penis, cows testicles, chicken feet, pig ears and cow skin, to mention a few.”  

After the video attracted nearly half a million views, the team had to go to their stockists in Manchester the next day because their shelves were empty.  

The shop opened in 2016 at the Stag roundabout in Rotherham selling pet treats and accessories and its success saw the business move to Wickersley in late 2021.

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“We have had many customers say: ‘It’s the best pet shop ever’ and ‘It’s like doggy heaven in here’ as well as ‘It stinks in here but the dogs love it’!” said Yama, who originally started using social media to raise the business’s profile locally, as opposed to driving sales.  

She added: “We are very proud to have gained many more customers due to them being so fascinated by our unusual dog treats.  

“We have had many confused people, too, as they are interested in why a dog would want to eat these things!”

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