Wellwishers help growth syndrome boy towards US target

LITTLE giant Jack Ives is walking tall after receiving a helping hand from readers and well-wishers.

The four-year-old, who could grow to be more than 7ft tall, has a genetic condition which means he cannot stop growing.

His family is desperate to fly him to America to attend a specialist conference of medical experts for advice on how to tackle the rare condition Beckwith-Wiedermann syndrome.

And they have been heartened by the support of well-wishers who have come forward following a series of articles about Jack and made donations.

“We’ve had a few donations, including from a man in Kent who had heard about Jack’s case and from my friend’s dad, who gave £100,” his mum Hayley said.

“This has given us enough to register for the conference in America.

“Now we just have a race against time to raise enough for the air fare.

“We hope to fly out in the first week of July so that gives us about two months.”

Hayley (27) and husband Darren have set up a Facebook group called Jack’s Trek, which has already attracted almost 200 members.

“We hope that this will raise awareness of Jack’s condition and maybe help us to raise some money,” said Hayley, of Highcliffe Court, Swinton.

The Advertiser reported last month how, at four, Jack is already in clothes meant for nine-or ten-year-olds.

The Swinton Queen Street Primary pupil is 4ft 2ins tall—a foot taller than the average for his age.

Doctors have warned his parents that he will grow to at least six-and-a-half feet and could go over seven feet.

His condition means that he has one leg 3.7cms longer than the other and has to wear a special shoe fitted with a wedge to help him walk properly.

He also has breathing problems caused by an oversized tongue, which means he has endured a series of operations and had to have a tube inserted into his throat.

Beckwith-Wiedermann syndrome is incurable but his parents want to raise £2,500 to fly him to America to talk to specialists in the condition about how to improve his quality of life.

A family fun day in aid of the family is being held at Pastures Lodge in Mexborough on Sunday, May 22.

The event will include a fancy dress walk from the Gate Inn in Swinton to Pastures Lodge, a charity auction and raffle and live entertainment.

To show your support for the family, visit their Jack's Trek Facebook group.


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