Time to be Rotherham’s ‘Champion’

AS we all know, Sarah Champion is the replacement MP for the disgraced Denis MacShane, now awaiting sentence for his deceipt and crimes, who since his continued election from 1994, and in all those years as Rotherham’s MP tried to use this position merely

As things are Ms Champion is not as yet the peoples’ choice, so until the next general election she will remain just the choice of the local Labour Party.

As yet we don’t seem to have seen or heard very much of her, and she seems to be making little impact on the quality of life in Rotherham, so it was good to see her rise to her feet a couple of weeks ago at Prime Minister’s Questions...and what did we get from her at that very high profile moment? Instead of raising/attacking the Government about any specific issues/problems relating to Rotherham, she seemed to choose to go on a party-political points-scoring exercise with the PM, which may have/or even may not have impressed some of her own peers.

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What a wasted golden opportunity to demonstrate right there in Parliament that Rotherham now has a true Champion for the town and that she will very quickly help us to forget the shambolic MacShane years.

OK, it could well still be early doors as yet, and hopefully she won’t keep us waiting  much longer to see whose Champion she really is, her own, or Rotherham’s.

This town has had far more than its own share of political scandals over many years, and even though the town’s electorate seems to have a fatal attraction to the Labour movement with no prospect of change, it would be so very achingly welcome to see a new crop of elected representatives putting a distinctive line under many years of apparent bad practice which hasn’t done any good for Rotherham’s welfare at all levels of its population.

Arise Ms Champion, your town awaits.