The Reytons say Clifton Park gig will be their legacy to Rotherham

INDIE rock band The Reytons say they are committed to trying to change the image of Rotherham.
LEGACY: The Reytons want to leave a positive imprint on RotherhamLEGACY: The Reytons want to leave a positive imprint on Rotherham
LEGACY: The Reytons want to leave a positive imprint on Rotherham

Frontman Jonny Yerrell believes the town has a lot more going for it than outsiders think.

And they will continue to spread the gospel before and after their history-defining, homecoming gig at Clifton Park on July 6.

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Yerrell revealed himself to be an ambassador for the borough in an interview with a Spanish music magazine, Mondo Sonoro.

Asked if he intended to put Rotherham "on the map” the 38-year-old insisted: “Our native Rotherham has always enjoyed very bad press.

"It’s an area shrouded in a lot of negativity for many reasons, you know.

Unemployment, social conflicts, low income...It’s not that I did it in an exaggeratedly conscious way, but from the beginning I was clear that with the band I was going to try to contribute in some humble way to changing that.

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"That is why I try to offer a more positive and accurate vision of everything this city (sic) has, which of course is much more than what has always been seen or transmitted.”

The Reytons, whose body of work includes Kids Off the Estate, were also asked if they felt they were carrying a social responsibility playing at Clifton Park.

"I must say that we have already had many other gigs that have been very big and significant for the band,” said Yerrell.

"Our time in Sheffield, without going any further, is an indelible milestone for us.

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"But honestly, our next concert in Clifton Park on July 6 is something else.

"We feel a mix of responsibility, passion and excitement that no other show has awakened in us before.

"We have always wanted to do something like this and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that, regardless of what happens next, this concert is going to be our legacy.

"What we will leave to the world and what we will be remembered for.”

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Jonny also had an interesting titbit for the Spanish media platform.

"A Spanish fan told me this summer in Benicàssim (on the Costa del Azahar) that he was going to come to see us there.

"Despite having already seen us live at the festival we were at, he wanted to live the experience of seeing us play at a show of this kind and in our city, native.

"Frankly, it’s these kinds of things that make you understand that all this is worth it.”

Yerrell has previously said he hoped, one day, the authorities would erect a memorial to the band at Clifton Park.