Slow support from Rotherham drivers on 20mph zones

LESS than a third of drivers support a scheme to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on minor roads.

Rotherham Council has proposed a new policy to identify streets which can be reduced to a 20mph limit.

Streets eligible for the 20mph limit would not be on a bus or school route and used by fewer than 200 cars per hour.

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RMBC’s cabinet will be presented with the results of a consultation next week (12), which shows that of 114 respondents, 53 per cent did not approve of the policy.

Seventy-five per cent of pedestrians and 57 per cent of cyclists agreed with the policy – but just 32 per cent of motorists.

Concerns were raised about journey times, congestion and emissions, should the policy be adopted.

A report states that 20mph zones are “important” to improve road safety, and allow the council to “disincentivise use of less suitable routes”.

It adds that RMBC “receives requests for 20mph limits from residents, councillors, and community groups”.