Second bid for extra housing at Brecks dismissed

A DEVELOPER’S bid to fit an extra 12 properties on an estate being built at Brecks has been rejected because of overcrowding concerns.
The new Avant Homes developmentThe new Avant Homes development
The new Avant Homes development

Avant Homes’ was given permission for 70 properties on land east of Brecks Lane in July 2022, when there were 40 objections and criticism of overdevelopment.

The company’s application to increase the number of homes to 76 was rejected early last year, after which another bid was made to increase the figure – this time to 82.

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Avant said the demand for larger homes had fallen away because of high inflation, and the alteration would make the estate “accessible to a broader range” of buyers.

The Avant Homes development at BrecksThe Avant Homes development at Brecks
The Avant Homes development at Brecks

But Rotherham Council said the proposed density and layout of the later amended scheme would represent overdevelopment of the site and be “visually at odds” with the suburban character of the area.

An RMBC spokesperson added: “The proposed development would have an increased level of hard surfacing and result in significantly more car-dominated frontages with further units.

“The additional dwellings would also put increasing pressure on the previously approved public open space and fail to take the opportunity to establish or maintain a strong sense of place.

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“It would have a negative impact on the overall character of this part of Brecks Lane and the new development by way of its higher density and increased urban layout.”

The council was also concerned about the impact on rear gardens at the existing properties on Belcourt Road.

The land was allocated for residential development and said to be suitable for 70 properties in Rotherham’s Local Plan, adopted in 2018.