School parking woes heard as new housing approved for Maltby

RESIDENTS raised parking problems as Rotherham Council approved a pair of semi-detached homes on vehicle spaces beside a school.
How the site looked when used for residents' parkingHow the site looked when used for residents' parking
How the site looked when used for residents' parking

The former garage site on Elm Tree Road at Maltby has been used by the authority as a vehicle compound since late 2022 but before then was used by residents for parking.

There were nine objections to RMBC’s plans, including Maltby Town Council which said there was a lack of infrastructure in the area to support the project.

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Residents on the street bemoaned the “severe” parking situation, especially at school times with Maltby Redwood Academy’s access just around the corner.

RMBC's image of the housing to be builtRMBC's image of the housing to be built
RMBC's image of the housing to be built

RMBC planning officer Lisa Brooks said: “It’s important to note that this has never been a formal car park that’s been assigned for residents or for the school.”

The council’s housing department could choose to block off the site over “liability” issues related to people parking there, she added, if this application was not approved.

Simon Gammons, RMBC’s highway development manager, said the pair of three-bedroom properties complied with parking regulations by providing two off-street spaces each.

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Planning board member Cllr Simon Ball suggested an extra school gate could be provided in this location to accommodate more parents dropping off children to Redwood.

But the housing plans were approved at the board’s meeting at Rotherham Town Hall last Thursday (21).

An RMBC spokesperson said comments about parking had been noted, but added: “The land has always been in the council’s ownership and has never been a public car park in the past.

“People did park vehicles on the land in the past, but they had not received authorisation from the landowner to do so.”