Saucy shoppers in store at Tickhill

Tickhill Garden CentreTickhill Garden Centre
Tickhill Garden Centre
A HOME and garden centre has revealed its shoppers are relishing ketchup purchases during the festive period.

Shoppers keen to stock up on essential condiments and festive staples led to ketchup sales shooting up 105 per cent compared with 2022 at Tickhill Garden Centre by Cherry Lane.

The store, on Bawtry Road, is owned by discount retail group QD which includes QD – stores – and which has announced its top three best-selling grocery products for 2023.

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Sales of both ketchup and mayonnaise have ramped up, as well as festive staple mincemeat – up a quarter on 2022 at three top-selling QD stores across the country including Tickhill.

Nisha Collins, brand and marketing manager for QD, said: “While we’re all feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis, it’s clear that consumers are keen to keep essential condiments on the table and they’re looking to our stores to help them do this.”