Rotherham Round Table back from the brink

A RECRUITMENT drive has helped save a Rotherham charitable organisation from the brink of closure.

Rotherham Round Table has managed to double its membership in  a year to 18 full members to ensure its survival.

The club, which also has five honorary members, is one of the oldest in the country and was formed in 1929 to promote fellowship and community support to men aged 18 to 45.

Chairman Steve Burns said: “The increase in numbers is important as it means we are able to be more active in the local community, as well as competing effectively in the area competitions held between other Round Tables nearby.”

Mr Burns said: “It’s very exciting times at Rotherham Round Table and recruiting the number of new members that we have in just 12 months is almost unheard of and the future is looking bright.”

Mr Burns said: “I think more people are beginning to realise that Round Table isn’t a closed club, you don’t need to be invited to become a member and there aren’t any funny hand shakes, but it’s something that you can get a lot out of.”

The organisation meets fortnightly on Wednesdays and new members are always welcome.

Contact [email protected] for more information.


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