Rotherham Apprentice of the Year: Jane’s law of hard work

THE winner of 2020’s Higher/Degree category in the Rotherham Advertiser’s Apprentice of the Year competition was RMBC/NHS worker Jane Law.

She was presented with her award at Rotherham Council’s Riverside House complex where she thought she was going to undertake a risk assessment.

On receiving her prize, Jane said: “People don’t realise apprenticeships are not just for school leavers to get themselves on the employment ladder. They are so much more and they are for any ages.”

RMBC chief executive Sharon Kemp said at the time: “People have this image that they get to a certain position and can’t go any further and don’t understand that you can do this while you are in work and employers really value it.

“Jane has got something out of it and we have got a lot out of it in terms of skills, value and expertise.”

Judges Julia Bloomer and Jennie Watts were impressed by that year’s entrants in this category of the competition.

They said: “Within this category we were amazed at the level of resilience, perseverance and commitment each candidate demonstrated.

“All had a clear love of their job and desire to develop and grow, with the apprenticeship as the ideal avenue to achieve their goals.

“Jane amazed us with her drive, persistence and thirst to continually learn and develop within her role. Overcoming numerous hurdles (including self doubt), Jane has never given in and shown her adaptability and resilience, taking on new and unexpected challenges including redeployment to the Covid swabbing team and taking on responsibility for training other staff members.

“Jane states her apprenticeship has not only given her confidence and trust in her ability but a better understanding of her clients and their behaviour.”

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