Police criticised for Brinsworth bus road approach during floods

Wood Lane, BrinsworthWood Lane, Brinsworth
Wood Lane, Brinsworth
POLICE were criticised for preventing road users from using a Brinsworth bus-only road during the height of the flooding – despite two of the three usual routes being closed off.

There have been calls for Rotherham Council to open up Wood Lane anyway to allow greater vehicle access from the Tinsley area to the south.

Brinsworth resident Kevin Milner said: “There were two police cars parked there to get anyone using that road at the weekend, when two of our three roads out were completely flooded.

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“It’s despicable. They could pick any day of the week and park up outside any school around here and get people for parking problems, but they’re never bothered about that.

“When it’s chaotic because of the floods, they park two jam sandwiches at Wood Lane. Where’s the common sense?”

A police spokesperson said: “On Saturday, October 21, a traffic offence report was issued by an officer on routine patrol on Wood Lane, in relation to the misuse of the bus lane.

“Officers are currently reviewing the circumstances surrounding the issuing of this ticket, taking into account the circumstances in the area at the time.

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“There has been an increased police presence in the area in recent days, and throughout the night, in order to provide support to those affected by the recent flooding, and we would encourage anyone with concerns to stop and speak to our officers.”