PM praises Rotherham MP over CSE work

PRIME Minister David Cameron praised Sarah Champion for her work on child sex exploitation when she challenged him in Parliament this week.

Speaking in the wake of this week’s two critical Ofsted reports, the Rotherham MP demanded the Government act to help the victims, saying local authorities were “not equipped to deal with child sexual exploitation” and noting police officers were to be investigated.

“I raised all these issues in April and have raised them with Ministers and at PMQs,” she said.

“What will it take for this Government to help vulnerable people?”

Mr Cameron argued that more joined up working was needed between agencies.  

He said: “First, let me commend the honourable Lady for the work that she has done on this issue.

“It is important that we learn the lessons from what happened in Rochdale (sic) and, indeed, in the city of Oxford, near to my constituency, and elsewhere.

“We have to get every agency, whether it is the police, social services or schools, working together.

“That is not happening in enough of our towns and cities, and it needs to.

“The Home Office is leading this important effort and getting Departments to work together. I am convinced that we will make good progress.”