Paul goes from Singing Plumber to Silly Billy writer

THE well-known Singing Plumber has tapped into his literary side by penning a book for kids.
Paul BallingtonPaul Ballington
Paul Ballington

Paul Ballington, the popular Sheffield comedy songwriter, is the author of his first story set in Silly Billy Land.

Welcome To Silly Billy Land, aimed at children of all ages, has already been given the thumbs-up at Dinnington Pre-School.

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Better known for his voice as the Singing Plumber, Paul tried out his Silly Billy tale on his three-year-old son first – and got a great reaction which prompted him on with his book-writing efforts.

Paul said: “He laughed, loved the story, loved the pictures. I lost him for a minute halfway through when he started playing with my ears, but he does that with The Gruffalo so I’m not too concerned.

“The sooner the book sells out, the sooner I can write rude songs again.”

The book has been published by Steel City Press and is available to buy through Amazon and the Steel City Press website.

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Paul hopes that his new book will be the first in a successful series of children’s books.

Paul has sung live on Sky Sports, BBC Look North and Radio Sheffield, getting the nickname The Singing Plumber.

He has released a variety of charity songs for the NHS, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.