NHS South Yorkshire backs zero-tolerance approach to protect staff

NHS South Yorkshire is backing the campaignNHS South Yorkshire is backing the campaign
NHS South Yorkshire is backing the campaign
NHS South Yorkshire is supporting primary care staff across the region to put a stop to aggressive and abusive behaviour from patients and members of the public under a new zero-tolerance approach.

The #NotInADaysWork public campaign, backed by South Yorkshire Police, comes in the wake of increasing reported incidences in recent months.

Frontline NHS primary care workers – such as GP practice, pharmacy, dental and optometrist staff – across the region are being offered support, guidance and advice from NHS South Yorkshire on reporting such behaviour.

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Dr Zak McMurray, GP and medical director for Sheffield at NHS South Yorkshire said: “Unfortunately NHS staff are working in a difficult environment where demand for health services is very high.

People get frustrated if they can’t get an appointment and that sometimes leads to anger and unacceptable treatment of the very people who are trying to help them.

“It’s dreadful to see the effect that such bad behaviour can have on staff.

“This constant drip feed of negative experiences can sadly result in good people leaving their jobs from the stress.”

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Dr McMurray added: “The vast majority of the public are very respectful and supportive of our staff and we thank them for that.

“However, our colleagues should never be fearful or anxious about coming to work.

“Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect and free from harassment, violence, and abuse which is why we’re sending out a clear message that we will not tolerate any abuse or violence and will take appropriate action to ensure our staff are safe.”