Nathan pushes up animal rescue centre’s funds

AN ANIMAL lover is undertaking a colossal push up challenge to support a rescue centre in crisis.

Nathan Deakin (32) hopes to clock up 6,000 push-ups and sit-ups during November for Rain Rescue.

The Wickersley charity, which opened in 2002, has 70 animals waiting to be rescued after reaching full capacity and now needs help more than ever to keep its cats and dogs warm this winter after energy price increases.

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Nathan said his own experience of taking in rescue animals had shaped his desire to help.

“I love animals, especially dogs, and both dogs I’ve had are rescues,” he said.

“Our first dog was a rescue from RSPCA and then the dog we’ve got now, Opie, a mixed breed, was found in a Wickersley field in 2014 along with his brothers and sisters in a cardboard box.

“Opie was only about five-weeks-old and very malnourished.

“He was brought to me by my sister’s boyfriend at the time and I decided to keep him.

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“It was tough to begin with due to him being so small and vulnerable but he pulled through.

“I still never understand how people can be so cruel.”

Nathan, of Mexborough, said Opie had “changed his life for the better” and he “couldn’t imagine a life without him” after discussing the impact he’d had on his life.

He added: “Opie just makes us all so happy, he’s the life and soul of the family.

“You wouldn’t believe how loving he is.

“He makes you smile because he’s so lively, energetic, loveable and has a huge personality.

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“Life wouldn’t be the same without him and no-one will ever know the true affection a dog can give you until you have one of your own.

“That’s why it’s important to help rescue centres that are struggling at the moment.

“Rain Rescue said they were a bit tight for money and they were trying to raise as much funds as possible to continue paying for food, beds and vet bills.”

Nathan came up with the idea to help by pushing his fitness to the limit.

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“I had seen the challenge to do 3,000 individual push-ups and 3,000 sit-ups on social media so I thought it would be a great way to help,” he said.

“It’s proved to be really hard so far and it’s making my body sore but that show’s it’s a challenge.

“I really care for the welfare of all the animals they have, and I hate the thought of them maybe not having a roof over their heads or not having enough food or blankets or medical supplies.

“It means the absolute world to be supporting Rain Rescue and I have a lot of respect for them and what they do. I hope I can help them during a difficult time.”

You can support Nathan’s fundraising challenge here: