MP Sarah Champion tells of abusive relationship

SHADOW domestic violence minister Sarah Champion told of her shame after admitting being arrested for an attack on her ex-husband.

It happened in 2007 when the Rotherham MP was working for an arts centre and in the process of divorcing Graham Hoyland.

She said the violent bust-up at their home came after years of provocation from Mr Hoyland, an explorer who has climbed Everest.

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There were calls for the MP to quit but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said she had the party’s “total, full and absolutely warm support”.

Ms Champion told the Mirror on Saturday (24): “I’m not proud of what happened and I accept I was in the wrong, but I have nothing to hide.

“I lost control after being provoked for years and for that I am sorry, but I felt extremely vulnerable at that moment.

“It was a frightening moment but I think the experience helps me better understand how living in a toxic atmosphere can cause emotional damage.”

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Ms Champion claimed the row was over who would keep a valuable painting. 

Mr Hoyland claimed to the Mail on Sunday that it related to a pre-nuptial agreement before their 1999 wedding, saying she had cost him £200,000 in the settlement.

A friend of his told the same paper that Ms Champion had been “very harassing and abusive” during the couple’s relationship.

Ms Champion said she felt “deeply humiliated” at being held in a police cell before being interviewed and cautioned.

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She told the Mirror: “I was in a real state. It’s not normal to end up in a police station accused of assaulting your husband.

“I started to think that if I ended up in jail I could cope with the cell, but not the stickiness of the bench.”

Ms Champion said this week: “I categorically deny the allegations made by my ex-husband. I have not said anything that is untrue.

“I am very grateful to survivors of domestic abuse for the support and understanding they have shown.”