Millers match “crowning jewel” in Mexico man's trip home

A ROTHERHAM United scarf that is over half a century old returned to the borough as its Parkgate-born owner – who has lived in America since the 80s – returned for potentially his last ever Millers' match.

Philip Rylett (72) arranged the 9,000km journey and 16-hour flight from his home in Mexico with his trusty scarf for the Millers' game against Norwich to see his “second family”.

The former Ashwood Primary and Junior School and Wath Grammar pupil started watching Rotherham United at Millmoor aged eight or nine and bought the scarf in 1968, before a Wolves FA Cup game.

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It has travelled with him everywhere he has been – including 30 years in California where he moved for work and the last 11 years in Mexico following his retirement.

The dad of three returned to his home borough for the first time in 20 years and included a Wath School reunion on his trip but said: “The crowning jewel of my visit was, of course, my day at New York Stadium.

“NYS couldn’t be more impressive. It is grand, but it still has a home charm.

“I was determined to look at it unfavourably next to Millmoor, citing its lack of authenticity, but that soon went out of the panoramic window of the guest lounge.

“The club was fantastic.

“I was invited down to the pitch to hand over the scarf.

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“I am not sure it should take credit for the victory over Norwich, but without the scarf, The Millers hadn't won, and with it, they hadn't lost!

“A big thank you to RUFC for a grand day out.

“Overall, I felt right back home.

“The weather was kind enough during my visit to make afternoon hydration stops in the pubs a medical necessity!

“I met a lot of people and was relieved to see that South Yorkshire friendliness is still alive and well.”

Rotherham United will be putting the scarf on display at the New York Stadium.

“I brought it home to rest,” added Philip.

“It has worked hard – it is a fitting place for it to retire.”