Macmillan thanks Fred Hargate

As we close in on Christmas and the end of the year, I am really delighted to highlight the brilliant work of one of our wonderful volunteers. December, whilst already a busy month, is also the month of International Volunteers Day.

Rotherham volunteer, Fred Hargate steps down from his fundraising for Macmillan after raising over £5,000.

Fred joined Macmillan in 2019 following the loss of his wife to brain cancer in 2017. Not long after his wife’s death, Fred received the devastating news, he had a cancer diagnosis himself. Fred was really low and didn’t really have the fight in himself by this point. He ended up going to see Julie Cox, a Macmillan Advocacy Service in Rotherham where he ended up staying and talking for three hours. He explained how they went through everything and he came out with a different outlook on life. Following Fred’s treatment, he decided he wanted to give something back to Macmillan.

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He began supermarket collecting and within the first three months, Fred banked £1,147! It wasn’t long until Fred was involved in his own appeal, to raise enough money to fund a Macmillan Cancer Support Worker for a year at Rotherham Hospital.

People around Rotherham may recognise him from previous photos in the Rotherham Advertiser as Fred also gave his time representing Macmillan at cheque presentations.  

Some good news for Fred is that he has since met a new partner who is about to retire, and they have exciting plans to travel together. Due to time constraints, Fred has decided not to continue with his fundraising but is delighted to have made such a difference with his time and efforts.

To Fred and all other wonderful volunteers - however you have been involved with Macmillan over the last year - we want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done. We honestly cannot thank Fred enough for his wonderful efforts over the recent years. His fundraising collections will help local people affected by cancer and he will be hugely missed.

If you’d like to be involved in volunteering, please do get in touch with Macmillan on 0300 1000 200 or email [email protected]