Hospital worker allegedly 'suspended over breaching patient confidentiality'

The exterior of Rotherham HospitalThe exterior of Rotherham Hospital
The exterior of Rotherham Hospital
A HEALTH care assistant at Rotherham Hospital is believed to have been suspended after allegedly accessing and disclosing personal patient information to and about family members without authorisation.

The employee reportedly accessed the personal information of several patients and shared it with their family members – a “breach of patient confidentiality which not only violates ethical guidelines but also data protection laws”, according to the person who contacted the Advertiser and who wishes to remain anonymous.

They said: “This alleged incident serves as a reminder of the critical importance of maintaining patient confidentiality in healthcare.

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Patients trust healthcare providers with their most personal information, and it is essential that this trust is upheld.”

“It is essential for healthcare professionals to reflect on the gravity of patient confidentiality and take proactive measures to ensure that breaches do not occur,” said the person.

“Ultimately, the sanctity of patient confidentiality is a cornerstone of quality healthcare.

“By upholding this principle, healthcare providers can preserve patient trust and ensure the integrity of the healthcare system.

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In response to the breach, they claim, the hospital took “immediate action” by suspending the employee from duty pending an investigation.

The incident has also prompted a review of the hospital's data security and patient confidentiality protocols, they claimed.

A spokesperson for Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said it was “unable to comment on individual circumstances”, adding: “We take patient confidentiality very seriously.

“In the rare instances of a data breach, we report ourselves to the Information Commissioner's Office and take disciplinary action where necessary.”