Full list of candidates' names ahead of Rotherham's local elections – featuring ‘Phil Potholes’

A CANDIDATE called Phil Potholes has been registered to fight the local elections in Rotherham.
A previous election count at MagnaA previous election count at Magna
A previous election count at Magna

The name appears as an independent in the list of 15 contesting the Boston Castle ward, where three seats are available. ‘’

When registering to become a candidate, a person must declare that they are registered to vote in the area, or have lived, worked or owned property there for at least 12 months before the election date.

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All 59 seats across Rotherham Council’s 25 wards are up for grabs in the May 2 polls. The full list of candidates can be found below.

Boston Castle is among the most hotly-contested areas, with the most candidates of any ward vying for three seats.

The list also includes health select commission chair Cllr Taiba Yasseen, who is no longer representing the Labour Party, for whom she was elected in 2015.

The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition are also standing in the ward.

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Other three-seat wards with ten or more candidates are Dinnington, Keppel, Rotherham West and Sitwell.

At Wales, former Labour members Cllrs Dominic Beck and Marnie Havard are standing as independents, in a ward with eight hopefuls for the two available seats.

Council leader Cllr Chris Read and deputy leader Cllr Sarah Allen both switch to wards nearer their current addresses.

The Conservatives stormed to a record 20 seats at the previous polls three years ago, although this has since dropped to 15 and seen a change in leadership.

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But the ruling Labour group has experienced a rocky period, with a string of departures and one councillor still with the whip suspended after falling asleep in a town hall meeting.

Labour has 31 seats at present, with the others totalling 28.

The election will bring major personnel changes in the council chamber, and candidates have already begun their campaigns to be part of the new term.

Cllr Read, Labour, said: “Only with Labour can we have one of the lowest council tax rises anywhere in the country this year – more Tory councillors, given their voting record, would bankrupt the council within two years instead.”

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Opposition group leader Cllr Simon Ball, Conservatives, said: “It’s all to play for at this election. We’ve shown we can make a difference, especially in Rother Valley.

“If you look at the casework figures, our councillors have been so far ahead of Labour. Some of their numbers have been disgraceful.”

Visit www.rotherham.gov.uk/elections-voting for information on how to vote.


Ward (number of seats)

Anston & Woodsetts (three)

Neelam Alam (Labour)

Timothy James Baum-Dixon (Conservatives)

John Michael Blackham (Con)

Clive Robert Jepson (independent)

Karen Smallwood (Con)

Carol Stringer (Labour)

Keith Stringer (Lab)

Drew Tarmey (Liberal Democrats)

Bev Thornley (LD)

David Edward Wilson (LD)

Aston & Todwick (two)

Sarah Ann Allen (Lab)

Joshua Bacon (Con)

Patricia Anita Collins (Con)

Geoff Frost (Lab)

Mark Lambert (LD)

Aughton & Swallownest (two)

Linda Denise Elsey (Reform UK)

Paul Stephen Lindley (LD)

Caden James Ben Lunness (Con)

Paul Marshall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Lyndsay Pitchley (Lab)

George Robinson (The Green Party)

Nigel Short (ind)

Robert Paul Taylor (Lab)

Boston Castle (thee)

Saghir Alam (Lab)

Chris Bingham (TUSC)

Ashiq Hussain (ind)

Cheryl Lynn Jones (LD)

Tina Kumar (Con)

Sam Lilleker (ind)

Tony Mabbott (Green)

Aaliya Malik (Green)

Jeanette Mallinder (Lab)

Phil Potholes (ind)

Mohammed Ramzan (ind)

Fakhri Saleh (Lab)

Piyush Satyawadi (Con)

Anurag Singh (Con)

Taiba Yasseen (ind)

Bramley & Ravenfield (two)

Liz Duncan (Lab)

Lewis Lennard Henry Malcolm Mills (Con)

Russell Fred Oxley (Green)

Gregory Reynolds (Con)

Frances Jane Taylor (LD)

John Stewart Woodland (Lab)

Brinsworth (two)

Adam Jonathon Carter (LD)

Charlotte Rachel Carter (LD)

James Ian Crowe (Green)

Alexander Neal Hall (Con)

Samuel David Jackson (Lab)

Graham Frederick Penn (Con)

David John Roche (Lab)

Dalton & Thrybergh (two)

Michael Bennett-Sylvester (ind)

Penny Kay (Con)

Cora Lancashire (Lab)

Jodie Ryalls (ind)

Carol Spencer (Lab)

Paul Stables (Con)

Jane Watson (LD)

Dinnington (three)

Ian David Barkley (Green)

Amanda Marie Clarke (Lab)

Sophie Dack (Con)

Julz Hall (Con)

Tony Harrison (Reform)

Matt Mears (LD)

Marshall Anthony Mellor (Lab)

Simon Andrew Tweed (ind)

John Vjestica (Lab)

Benjamin John Whomersley (Con)

Greasbrough (two)

Linda Beresford (Lab)

Sonia Blake (Lab)

Rob Elliott (ind)

Julia Helen Mitchell (Con)

Donna Moseley (LD)

Wendy Singleton (Con)

Hellaby & Maltby West (two)

Jenny Andrews (Lab)

Simon Ashley Ball (Con)

Ken Barber (LD)

Daviyd Franckeiss (Reform)

Fiona Ozyer-Key (Lab)

Lynda Jayne Stables (Con)

Hoober (three)

Charles Ball (Con)

Val Ball (Con)

Rajmund Edwin Brent (Lab)

Michael Edwin Dennis (Con)

Thomas Walter Hill (Green)

Denise Lelliott (Lab)

Steve Scutt (LD)

John Williams (Lab)

Keppel (three)

Neil Mark Collett (ind)

Elizabeth Millicent Currey (Con)

Sid Currie (ind)

Carole Foster (Lab)

Gill Garnett (Lab)

Khoulod Ghanem (LD)

Richard Hall (Lab)

Peter Robert Key (Yorkshire Party)

Tom Lynn (TUSC)

Kim Lesley Rodgers (Con)

Nicholas Charles Townrow (Con)

Sylvia June Williams (Green)

Kilnhurst & Swinton East (two)

Aaron Barker (Con)

Victoria Cusworth (Lab)

John Richard Gelder (LD)

Nigel Harper (Lab)

Anthony Paul Wiseman (Con)

Maltby East (two)

Lee James Hunter (Con)

Donna Sutton (Lab)

Adam James Tinsley (Con)

Margaret Eileen Towler (LD)

John Andrew Webster (Lab)

Rawmarsh East (two)

David Atkinson (Yorkshire)

Wendy Susan Birch (Con)

Elaine Dawson (LD)

Rachel Hughes (Lab)

Dave Sheppard (Lab)

Emily Rose West (Green)

Valerie Michele Wightman (Con)

Rawmarsh West (two)

Joanna Baker-Rogers (Lab)

William Mark Price (TUSC)

Robert Race (Con)

Natalie Thomas Stafford (Con)

Brian Steele (Lab)

Tom Sturgess (LD)

Rother Vale (two)

Terry Adair (Lab)

Neil Adshead (TUSC)

Jamie Baggaley (Lab)

Tony Hoult (LD)

Liam O’Sullivan (LD)

Julie Thorp (Con)

Suman Thullimalli (Con)

Rotherham East (three)

Angham Ahmen (Lab)

Geoffrey Mark Downs (Con)

Donna Marie Green (Con)

Rukhsana Bibi Haleem (Lab)

Nadia Meharban (Con)

Richard Penycate (Green)

Haroon Rashid (Lab)

Kath Reeder (ind)

Aaban Mudassir Shah (LD)

Rotherham West (three)

Ishtiaq Ahmad (ind)

Mohammad Ashiq (ind)

Pamela Ethel Freeman-Keel (Con)

Ian Paul Jones (ind)

Eve Rose Keenan (Lab)

Tajamal Khan (Lab)

Barrie Marsh (Con)

Ruth Pauline Marsh (Con)

Cameron McKiernan (Lab)

Richard Mills (Green)

Firas Miro (LD)

Sitwell (three)

Mick Bower (ind)

Mike Calton (Lab)

Allen Cowles (Reform)

David Frank Fisher (Con)

Paul Jonathan Freeman-Keel (Con)

Mahmood Hussain (Green)

Gavin Shawcroft (Reform)

David Neil Spence (Lab)

Sachin Tammewar (Lab)

Colin David Taylor (LD)

Paul Stewart Thorp (Con)

John Turner (Reform)

Swinton Rockingham (two)

David Leslie Harrison Le Neve (Con)

Gina Monk (Lab)

Chris Read (Lab)

Linda Read (LD)

Simon Anthony Webb (Con)

Thurcroft & Wickersley South (two)

Jean Marion Akid (Lab)

Thomas Ryan Collingham (Con)

Zachary Aron Collingham (Con)

Abdul Rashid (Lab)

Pat Tarmey (LD)

Wales (two)

Cheryl Terese Barton (Con)

Dominic Edward Beck (ind)

Oliver Boddye (LD)

Marnie Anne Havard (ind)

Janet Law (Lab)

Paul Neville Martin (Green)

Jodie Leigh Nicholson (Con)

Bob Walsh (Lab)

Wath (two)

Louise Fiona Burnett (Con)

Simon Lee Burnett (Con)

Michael Chambers (Social Democratic Party)

Sheila Cowen (Lab)

Ingrid Mary Frances House (LD)

Dave Jackson (Lab)

Wickersley North (three)

Shelagh Mary Garside (Green)

Andrew Matthew Gorman (Con)

Stuart Knight (Lab)

Kenneth Rooney Marshall (Con)

Lynda Marshall (Lab)

Marilyn Marshall (Con)

James Jonathon Mault (Lab)

Alan Derek Napper (ind)

Julie Elizabeth Read (LD)