Bare-faced cheek!: Fan shows off an unusual cheeky tribute to comic Paul Chuckle on holiday

A fan tattooed star Paul chuckle’s autograph on his backsideA fan tattooed star Paul chuckle’s autograph on his backside
A fan tattooed star Paul chuckle’s autograph on his backside
THE cheek of it! Rotherham entertainer Paul Chuckle had thought he’d seen it all after more than half a century on the comedy circuit.

While holidaying in Spain, though, he was bemused to meet a fan who literally has a lasting impression of him - he’d tattooed the star’s autograph on his backside!

Paul, (75) had to take his camera phone out to ensure he’s got evidence of the fan’s peculiar devotion.

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The tattoo, bizarrely, had been the unnamed fan’s 30th birthday treat.

It would have been a lot easier to simply get his autograph book out.

However, Paul (real name Paul Harman Elliott) happily posted a snap of the moment on his social media account last week, with the caption: “Well it could only happen in Benidorm...”

While the ink tribute took him by surprise, the comedian joins a long line of celebrities whose names have really got under their fans’ skin.

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The most outlandish example is probably Miami-based Instagramer Funky Matas, who had 225 signatures on his back, all representing people he has met throughout his life.

They include Will Smith, Chris Rock, Mike Tyson, Usain Bolt, Tara Reid, Gerard Butler, and the man who voices SpongeBob SquarePants (and who wouldn’t want that, right?).

Somerset woman Zoe Wade has souvenir scribbles of her idols Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Ronnie Wood, Kylie Minogue, Lionel Richie and U2’s The Edge.

There has been no shortage of celebrities prepared to physically sign their own name on bare flesh, too.

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Robbie Williams signed a fan’s bum as he performed on stage in Sweden.

Simon Cowell was photographed signing the chest of a woman admirer, as was Steve Coogan who did the same at a film premiere in Norwich.Olly Murs was equally willing to satisfy a female fan’s similar request outside recording studios in Dublin.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler penned his name on a woman’s forehead, thankfully not with indelible ink.

Female rapper Ash-B seems to be ahead of the curve, so to speak.

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Her social media brand has been boosted by signing “fans’ chests, butts, and other body parts upon request.”

Arguably the most unusual signing request fell to Johnny Depp.

While filming the fifth instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean in Australia, a fan asked him to sign his...prosthetic leg.