Even England goalkeeper “Safe hands” Seaman couldn’t save Safestyle

It was a match made in public relations heaven - a company called Safestyle recruiting former England goalkeeper David “Safe Hands” Seaman.
DAVID SEAMAN: "Safe hands"DAVID SEAMAN: "Safe hands"
DAVID SEAMAN: "Safe hands"

Rotherham’s former England and Arsenal ace was unveiled as the new face to advertise the doors and windows company on TV and the web.

The company certainly made the most of an apparent synergy with Seaman’s glittering on-field career - videoing him last year as he introduced himself to workers saying: “You are the UK’s number one for windows and doors, I was England’s number one.“You’re a safe pair of hands - I am ‘Safe Hands’ and like you, I love making great saves.”

If you think that seems a little cringey you won’t be alone.

NOT Saved; David can't rescue companyNOT Saved; David can't rescue company
NOT Saved; David can't rescue company

The adverts were among those listed in a web platform entitled: “Adverts that make you wanna smash your TV set up.”

While Seaman - who also told his new colleagues “I have always been in great teams and now I have joined a new one” - was always one to protect his employers on the football field, his contribution off it hasn’t been enough to save Safestyle.

In the last few days administrators announced the business was making around 680 of its workers redundant.

Interpath Advisory stated that only 70 or so of the firm’s 750 employees would be retained in the short term as the business is wound down.

The Bradford-based company, which has a manufacturing unit in Barnsley, had hoped to find a buyer for their firm, which specialised in the manufacture and installation of domestic double-glazed windows and doors.

That failed and share trading was suspended.

Safestyle had faced challenges including “high-cost inflation” and “fragile consumer confidence”, administrators said.

Warm weather in September also hit public demand for its products, their statement added.

Staff and union members held a protest outside the Wombwell site with workers' signs reading “Where’s the money gone?” and “Save our jobs”.

Seaman, who won 75 caps for England, has previously had better luck in the public relations and advertising world.

He has starred in TV commercials for Nike (1997,) with Gary Lineker for Walkers Football Snacks (2002) and with Linda Barker for Curry’s Store (2004).

The one-time Kimberworth Comprehensive School boy has also been a spokesman for Yorkshire Tea during the early 1990s.

When Safestyle recruited the 60-year-old South Yorkshireman they said: “Known for making great saves, beating our competition and being proud of our Yorkshire roots it made perfect sense for us to link up...”