Council and NHS pledge to save Jamie's Ministry

COUNCIL and NHS bosses have pledged to back Rotherham’s Ministry of Food amid fears of stringent cuts in government funding.

Rotherham Borough Council, NHS Rotherham, RCAT and Voluntary Action Rotherham are getting together to secure the scheme’s future and said that they were keen to keep it going.

The public bodies are said to be “working closely together” to reinvent the Ministry and bring in long-term funding.

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Blogging on his official website this week, Jamie Oliver said: “The local council is doing everything it can to keep the Ministry open and I hope it will succeed, but I can’t understand why keeping it open should even be in doubt at all.

“It’s abundantly clear that this is one of the few strategies that is actually working that helps people overcome their problems with food.”  

Dr John Radford, Rotherham’s Director of Public Health, said NHS Rotherham remaineds absolutely committed to the Ministry of Food.

Group’s plans to reinvent Jamie’s Ministry of Food - read our exclusive report in Friday’s Advertiser.