Concern at level of cuts

As a parent and a tax payer in South Yorkshire, I am worried about the level of cuts we are facing in services following cutbacks in Government spending to be announced tomorrow

There must be an alternative. I am sure we could save money in other ways so there would not need to be a single penny taken away from any public service, or a single job lost.

From my point of view there is not a debt crisis: UK debt is lower (as a percentage  of GDP) than the US, Japan, Germany and France.

UK debt is just over 50% of GDP today, but from 1918 to 1961 it was over 100% - in that period we built the NHS, the welfare state, millions of council homes and nationalised key industries.

The UK tax gap is £120 billion caused by tax avoidance, tax evasion, and uncollected tax.

HM Revenue & Customs continues to cut staff when each tax compliance officer brings in £658,000 of tax revenue.

Renewing Trident would cost £100bn over 30 years when the Lib Dems pledged not to renew it. Surely we could save this money and invest it in public services.

We should not forget that it was the banking sector that caused this crisis and is responsible for the huge debts.

Bankers are again awarding themselves huge bonuses. The UK government's bailed the banks out to the tune of £1.3 trillion.

We need to create jobs, claim all the unpaid taxes (with 23 millionaires in Cabinet!), not renew Trident, and pull out of Afghanistan, as well as using the nationalised bank assets for the public good.

These are the proper and correct alternatives to the government's current strategy. The cuts are already starting to bite with cuts in school buses, services to elderly and cutbacks in public services.

The public need to ask themselves whether their elected MP is really representing their views by saying there is no alternative to the cuts.

If they aren’t then they need to tell them and make sure they start listening to the many other people who are saying there is an alternative to the cuts.

Dawn Richards