Charity urges older people to get autumn jabs

A CHARITY is urging older people to have an autumn Covid-19 booster and a flu jab to help them reduce their risk of winter illness.
Vaccination (Photo: Pexels - RF Studio)Vaccination (Photo: Pexels - RF Studio)
Vaccination (Photo: Pexels - RF Studio)

Age UK Rotherham chief executive officer Barbara Dinsdale said: “Our advice to older people is to please take up the offer of the Covid-19 autumn booster and a flu jab when it comes your way.

Millions of eligible older people took the opportunity of having the spring booster, so we are urging everyone to do the same this autumn.

“If you are offered either vaccination, please accept – you’ll be doing yourself and possibly others you come into contact with, a big favour.“Vaccinations are the best defence we have against having our health undermined this winter.

“What’s more, with all the worries about energy prices it’s more important than ever to stay fit and well this year, and getting these vaccinations will help.”

Everyone aged 65 and over will be offered a free Covid-19 autumn booster and flu jab this autumn.

Unpaid carers, residents of older adult care homes, health and social care staff, and household contacts of people with weakened immune systems are also eligible for free flu and Covid-19 booster vaccinations.

Last winter 83.3 per cent of people aged 65 and over had the flu vaccination in Rotherham , exceeding the WHO recommended target of 75 per cent and helping to reduce the number of flu cases in the borough.

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