Chamber welcomes 'significant' strategic plans for economic growth

AMBITIOUS plans to develop the region’s economy and skills system have been welcomed as a shot of “much-needed positive energy” by a business chief.
Doncaster Chamber chief executive Dan FellDoncaster Chamber chief executive Dan Fell
Doncaster Chamber chief executive Dan Fell

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority published the Plan For Good Growth and the new Skills Strategy simultaneously in a bid to help the region unlock its full potential.

The Plan for Good Growth is primarily concerned with how the region will attract further inward investment and create more high-paying jobs in the future, while the Skills Strategy looks at what more can be done to retain talent in South Yorkshire.

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Doncaster Chamber of Commerce chief executive Dan Fell said the business organisation was “heartened by these significant plans.”

“It’s great to see such strong, but crucially realistic, ambitions being articulated for our region,” he said.

“We believe that this vision bodes well for South Yorkshire and that it will inject some much-needed positive energy into the discussion about where we are heading next.”

He added: “These interventions will make a huge difference and build on some of the ideas outlined in the Local Skills Improvement Plan recently published by the three South Yorkshire Chambers of Commerce.

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“All in all, we are optimistic about these two strategic documents from SYMCA and expect that they will deliver great things for the region.

“Of course, this hard work must now move beyond vision and towards implementation.

“It is action, not just words, that the business community ultimately wants to see.

“Nonetheless, these strategies are a confident stride in the right direction.”