Cars cleaned to raise money for Grenfell Tower victims

PUPILS and firefighters cleaned cars to raise money for those affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Jasmine Taylor, in Year 8 at Wales High School, wrote to head teacher Pepe Di’Iasio to ask how the school could help.

She said: “After watching what had happened on the news I felt that we just had to do something for the people that were involved in the Grenfell Tower fire. 

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“I felt really strongly about helping those that have survived because they have lost everything. A lot of children were in the building and they now have no homes.”

Head of Year 8 Liam Beardsley said: “It’s great to see our students wanting to help others who have been left in such a dire situation. 

“It may be hundreds of miles away from us here but seeing the pictures of what happened and watching interviews with survivors really brings home the devastation. 

“Jasmine came up with the idea of washing cars and getting the fire service involved. “Firefighters in London risked their lives to save others, so it’s a way for local firefighters to honour their colleagues as well.”

Pupils have collected more than £150 for the Grenfell Disaster Fund.

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