Call for public to contribute memories of the miners' strike to new exhibition

THE National Coal Mining Museum has requested the public’s help with their new exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the miners’ strike.
EXHIBITION: Miners' strikeEXHIBITION: Miners' strike
EXHIBITION: Miners' strike

The exhibition aims to focus on the experiences of individuals and the museum has asked for people involved in the strike to share their memories.

Curator (Social & Oral History) Anne Bradley said: “We want to look at the strike in its broadest context and that includes the stories of those who went back to work early and those who chose not to strike, but we do not have the objects to support this.

“By contributing memories, members of the public have the chance to have their say while also committing their own story to the permanent collection for future generations to learn from.”

The museum is looking for miners and their families who wish to be interviewed and objects and memories that relate to the strike.

The strike, from which the impact is still felt throughout South Yorkshire, lasted from 1984 to 1985 and the exhibition will be known as “The Longest Year”.

There is a form on the museum website where the public can submit text, audio, pictures and videos from the time.

Those that wish to be interviewed or to donate objects to the exhibition should contact [email protected].

The exhibition will last a year starting from 6 March 2024 at the exhibition space, the hub, within the Yorkshire museum.

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is free to visit, but donations are appreciated.