Businessman digs deep to boost Weston Park Cancer Hospital funds

A ROTHERHAM businessman teamed up with a friend to raise more than £5,000 for a place close to both their hearts.

Richard Hepworth, owner of Air Environmental in Templeborough, and his friend Debbie Cundy, a life coach and fundraiser, pushed two hospital beds from Sheffield city centre to Endcliffe Park.

The large bed represented the adult patients at Weston Park Cancer Hospital and was decorated with 50 flags to represent five decades of the hospital.

The smaller bed, with a teddy bear, symbolised children who have been diagnosed with cancer at the hospital and was covered in personal messages from people who had donated online to the fundraiser.

The bed push took just over two hours and along the route, friends, family, and supporters of the cancer charity held collection boxes for donations from passers-by.

Motorists also pulled over to donate to the cause.

Richard said: “Weston Park is close to my heart.

“A very close friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer when he was 58. I watched him go from being 6ft 5ins and 20 stone to basically nothing. It was shocking to see him like this.

“Places like Weston Park and the work they do are so important and we need to support them.”

Debbie said: “Weston Park is a fantastic charity and hospital. Unfortunately, we will all know someone affected by cancer.

“Fifty per cent of the population will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

“We’re in very challenging times at the moment and it’s fantastic that the people of South Yorkshire and the wider region dig deep when they need to.”

In total, the pair raised £5,134.89, smashing their £5,000 goal.

Weston Park fundraising manager Charlotte Swinhoe said: “Thanks to fundraisers like Debbie and Richard we can keep our promise that we will be there, together at every step, for anyone affected by cancer by providing vital services, advice, therapies, and support.”

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