Bench dedicated to super-fundraiser in honour of 40 years of charity work

A BENCH has been dedicated to a super-fundraiser who has spent 40 years bringing in cash for good causes across Rotherham.

Sandra Blockley, who runs a charity shop on Green Arbour Road in Thurcroft, has been described as a legend in the community.

She is believed to have raised more than £1million for cancer and dementia charities during her four decades of efforts.

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She won the prestigious award for fundraising at the Pride of Britain gala last year and then a plaque was revealed at the Thurcroft Welfare Community Hall, just around the corner from her shop.

Now, she has a bench – courtesy of Thurcroft Big Local who arranged this tribute for her to show “how proud we are of her and her great achievement”.

Ms Blockley said: “It’s absolutely wonderful. It was a right surprise. I did a good sit on it the other day and I’m going to sit on it on Sunday when I come out of the church.”

People in Thurcroft have called for a statue to be made to celebrate Ms Blockley.

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“No, I don’t think so, I’d rather spend money on something else”, she said.

Earlier this year she said she had a target to raise £50,000 for health and social care charity Making Space, which she has now reached.

When asked what’s next, she said she would still raise money – however, she revealed she is planning to retire from the shop at Christmas.

Laughing, Ms Blockley added she was 79 years old and “it is just not nice” having a nasty back pain.

“I’ll still be around”, she said.

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