A second big screening for Rebecca's Regeneration film

FILM-MAKER Rebecca Sills has secured a second big screen showing of her movie Regeneration
SCREENING: Dean and Rebecca at ParkwaySCREENING: Dean and Rebecca at Parkway
SCREENING: Dean and Rebecca at Parkway

After the success of its debut at Cineworld in Barnsley, the film will be taking a short journey across the road to Parkway Cinema.

Rebecca (25) and her actor dad Dean (55) say they are are “absolutely thrilled” to get a second cinema screening in Barnsley.

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The film was well received at Cineworld when around 100 people, including the Mayor and Mayoress, attended.

Rebecca said: “Thanks to Parkway for giving us this amazing opportunity, it's another proud moment for our town. People who missed the Cineworld screening now have a chance to catch Regeneration on the big screen at Parkway.”

Dean said: “It’s crazy, I remember going to see the original Ghostbusters at the Odeon Cinema in Barnsley, which is now the Parkway Cinema and now Regeneration is screening where the new Ghostbusters is being shown. Totally spooky! Thank you Parkway for this unique moment. We know a few people who missed out on the first screening who can’t wait to see Regeneration at Parkway Cinema.”

After the success of the Cineworld screening the DVD shot to number nine in the top selling documentary DVDs on Amazon and Rebecca added: “We appreciate all the support. We are really proud of the DVD but nothing beats the true cinematic experience.”

Rebecca and Dean have also enjoyed success with their series of nature documentaries.

Regeneration will be shown at the Parkway Cinema at 2pm on Tuesday April 16.

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