2,000 reasons why AESSEAL are among the best in the world

THERE are 2,000 reasons spread around the world as to why a Rotherham company has become one of the biggest in its sector.

The AES Engineering Ltd group - which includes AESSEAL and AVT Reliability – has taken on its 2,000th employee as part of its global expansion.

Over the past few years, the group has accelerated its growth by investing in people as well as in the latest robotic and AI-powered technology at AESSEAL’s recently completed “Factory for the Future” in Rotherham, and through acquisitions and partnerships across the world.

The group’s goal is to become “the leading global reliability business, delivering solutions to help industry save water, energy, cut pollution and create a better world”,.

Managing director Chris Rea said the company’s aim was not to be the biggest, but the best and added: “We welcome all the new members of the AES ‘family’ as we need the best possible people to give the exceptional customer service that drives our success.”

The group, whose headquarters are in Mill Close, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mechanical seals used in all types of industry and is a leading advocate of environmentally friendly investment to reduce pollution, lower carbon emissions and cut water use.

AES has been audited as Net Zero on its direct and indirect energy use since 2021 and continues to demonstrate that its positive environmental impact, helping global customers, exceeds supply chain emissions. This gives it the unique status among major engineering companies of having achieved Net Zero on all environmental scopes.

AESSEAL, the group’s main global brand, was founded in 1979, with a handful of staff. It now operates from more than 231 locations in 104 countries, and holds, in addition to its engineered product portfolio, the world’s most comprehensive standard inventory portfolio of mechanical seals, bearing protectors, seal support systems, and packing.

Acquisitions in Canada, Australia, Chile, and most recently a strategic partnership in Japan, joining forces with Torishima Japan Co, Ltd. have contributed to AES Engineering’s continuing expansion.

More information regarding its commitment to improving the environment can be found at https://betterworld.solutions

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