ParkesLife: Inbetweeners' Gilbert gives warning to students

IF I was to mention the names Jay, Will, Simon and Neil–there’s a good chance that some people would know straight away who I was referring to.

The Inbetweeners is a comedy show featuring the exploits of a group of teenage boys in their attempts to get girlfriends and streetcred.

The language in it is disgraceful but does provide much of the humour and probably is a reflection of the latest slang (I wouldn’t know—I’m 30 after all).

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I often feel ashamed of myself for laughing out loud at some of the things they come out with but there is more to the programme than toilet gags.

The comic timing is spot on and the characters themselves are genius.

I particularly like Mr Gilbert their teacher who hands out detentions like sweets.

Imagine, then, how excited I was to see him fronting a campaign to raise awareness about the risks of carbon monoxide.

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TV star and stand-up comedian Greg Davies has teamed up with gas and electricity company National Grid for a new campaign to make students aware of gas safety as they move into their private and rented accommodation for the academic year ahead.

A cult figure among students, Greg was shocked at a survey which showed students weren't bothered about gas safety or aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

He said: “As a former teacher of 13 years, contrary to popular belief - I am passionate about students.

“For many students this is their first time away from home, and I think it's important that they're made aware of basic tips to make their student house safe.”

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Recent research carried out by National Grid showed students' priorities when finding accommodation are the size of the room, and how close it is to the nearest pub. 

Worryingly, more than 50 per cent of students didn't know who to call in a gas emergency and nearly 60 per cent didn't have a gas safety certificate from their landlord for the gas appliances in their home. 

So as the new term begins, thousands of students moving away from home are being reminded of the importance of gas safety by Greg and National Grid.

If I was a student I’d follow the tips...other wise you may end up with detention with Gilbert!