Owner’s plea for help in finding missing cockatiel

A HEARTBROKEN pet owner spoke of her upset as she offered a large reward for information on her lost cockatiel.

Emma Jenkinson’s beloved bird Pipi has been missing since August 19, which has distressed not only her owner but her feathered soulmate, Snowy.

Emma (30), of Gomersall Avenue, Conisbrough, said she loved her birds as if they were her “babies” was now in complete desperation mode.

She has offered £250 for help finding missing Pipi.

“I’m really heartbroken,” Emma said.

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“I can’t have kids so the birds are like little children, babies to me.

“I was suffering from a toothache and when I ended up falling asleep downstairs, my little puppy pushed the door open and my cockatiel flew straight upstairs and out of the bedroom window.

“Pipi has been missing for more than three weeks now.

I’ve been everywhere looking for her, and I put posters up which were ripped down by kids.

“I think someone’s got her.”

Snowy is also upset, Emma said, adding: “He’s constantly calling for her.

“I don’t know what else I can do.

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“I also took Snowy out so he can shout but I’ve heard nothing from Pipi.”

When asked if she had considered getting a new bird, Emma said it would be a struggle.

“I’ve got cats and dogs as well but I just love birds,” she said.

“They’re really friendly

“However, getting a new bird is not an option because it takes half a year to get to like each other — they would attack each other.”


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