Over 50 per cent of drug-driving tests prove positive

MORE than half the motorists breath-tested in a new crackdown on drug driving have tested positive, police have revealed.

The roadside kits, similar to breathalysers, were introduced across the country in March to motorists who drive while under the influence of drugs.

Of the 118 tests carried out so far, 61 — 52 per cent — proved positive.

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Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings welcomed the impact of the new initiative. 

“It is obvious from these results that there is a problem of people driving while under the influence of drugs that is as serious as those driving after drinking,” he said.

Drivers who use drugs should realise that drugs such as cannabis and cocaine will now be detected at the roadside and prosecutions will follow.” 

Just five per cent of those stopped on suspicion of drink driving prove positive —— around a tenth of the proportion of those stopped for possible drug use failing tests.

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Dr Billings added: “We are determined in South Yorkshire to take off the roads those who put lives at risk whether through alcohol or drugs.”

Insp Steve Askham said: “Over half of those stopped have tested positive for either cannabis and cocaine, and whilst this is a great result for us, it’s very concerning how many people think they are fit to drive with these illegal substances in their system.

Driving is severely impaired by drugs and anyone who chooses to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence is not only putting their own life at risk, but the lives of other road users.”