Our democracy is a sham

Sir—What people generally do not know, because the politicians don’t want us to know, is that our MPs (both Labour and Conservative) have gradually handed over the running of this country to a foreign power, the European Union (EU).

Apart from being illegal in itself, it is economic suicide. Many of our problems locally stem from interference through EU rules.

Here are some examples:

Procurement. People may not be aware that local councils have to open tenders for major contracts to all suppliers in the whole of the EU (27 countries) at great expense to the taxpayers.

Postal services. Profitability of our postal services is restricted by EU rules.

Foreign companies such as Deutche Post and TNT have creamed off the best of the post, but the Post Office has to deliver to all areas.

What's the betting the Post Office will soon be sold off to yet another foreign company?

Transport. We will soon be allowing lorries almost 50 per cent heavier (increasing from 44 tons to 60 tons) on our roads because of EU law and councils will get the bill for the destruction of our roads.

Coach drivers are now prevented from working on their rest days and have to have more stops on their journey, costing more to run services.

Some rural services in North Yorks and Cumberland have been abandoned because buses must be fitted with a tachograph if travelling over 31 miles.

We say lorries should have a “Brit Disc” and pay a contribution to the upkeep of our roads.

Health & Safety. The phasing out of ladders by councils who now insist on scaffolding to do the simplest job (more because they are afraid of being sued than any safety issues) adds to the costs of building works.

VAT. The hot pasties (an EU VAT directive is behind this) and it is supposed to level the playing field, just like the postal services.

What's the betting that VAT becomes payable on all food when the Chancellor really gets his head around the national debt.

Security. Big Brother spying on our Internet and telephone conversations—an EU directive created by Tony Blair in 1997.

But you won't get any of our cheating politicians to tell you any of this, they just continue the lies and deception.

Despite our financial woes, our government still hands over £50 million every day to the EU. Why can't we keep our money here where we need it?

It’s about time we had some common sense in government but don't expect it from the three failed parties.

Don’t fall for the Lib/Lab/Con.


John Wilkinson, UKIP Candidate, Silverwood Ward, Rotherham.