READER'S LETTER: I did a double take - doubting what I had seen

CYCLE LANE: Before it openedCYCLE LANE: Before it opened
CYCLE LANE: Before it opened
​I did a double take at cyclist

I WAS heading down to the roundabout between Clifton Lane and Wellgate when suddenly I saw a man on a bike.

It was difficult enough avoiding the bus lane and central reservation, plus the two cycle lanes, staying on the narrow bit of road, as well as keeping an eye out for anyone attempting to swerve round the roundabout and avoid the curb as well as on-coming traffic.

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I did a double take, doubting that what I had seen was real. The shock almost forced me to pull over – only there wasn’t anywhere to pull over to.

I had laughed out loud at council leader Chris Read’s comments about the cycle lanes encouraging healthier and more active lifestyles, but maybe I was wrong. For there he was, a cyclist, struggling up the first few metres of the hill where, in a couple of minutes, he would be forced off his bike, if he hadn’t already been knocked off it, by one of the number of vehicles parked across his right of way.

Good luck to him, I thought to myself, wondering if he had picked up a bargain at the Sondec cycles closing down sale.

Cllr Read said counts of the number of cyclists using the shiny new lanes will be undertaken. I can save him the bother.

In fact I have already started to keep a log. So far, one.

Eddie Reynolds

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