Letters are too long and on same subjects

I CAME across an Editor’s Postbag letters page from The Advertiser, dated December 5 1997. I’d saved this page because my thank you letter for a collection in Rotherham town centre for Mencap Blue Sky Appeal was featured.
TOO LONG: Reader says letters used to be much shorterTOO LONG: Reader says letters used to be much shorter
TOO LONG: Reader says letters used to be much shorter

There were ten different short letters on the page, plus a section of helpful community information, and an index. A note from the editor recommended that letters should not exceed 300 words.

It struck me how different the Advertiser letters page is nowadays. I have to admit I almost always skip the page(s) now. I find so many of the letters are very long, by the same writers, on the same topics, continued week to week, and often including insults aimed at each other, that I’ve no interest in reading them.

Maybe this is modern journalism nowadays, but it surprises me how much free self promotion and publicity some regular writers are given in the many column inches they take up.

How many other letters does the editor receive each week I wonder?

I also wonder if other readers have similar views about content?

Christine Ayres

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s an interesting point Christine and one that generates a variety of opinions. Some people want shorter letters, others longer. We do try to include as many submissions as possible, which necessitates the cutting of many letters. Let us know what you think.

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