New Rotherham waste plant plans unveiled

THE two rivals bidding to build a household waste treatment facility both aim to help three local authorities meet tough recycling targets and generate electricity for the national grid.

Plans for two different versions of the plant, which has been proposed for a brownfield site on Bolton Road, Manvers, were displayed at public meetings this week.

The winner, which will be announced later this year, will be responsible for treating rubbish from Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham.

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One of the designs—that of recycling experts SITA Lend Lease—outlines plans for an on-site incinerator which would burn non-recyclable waste to create electricity that could be channelled into the national grid.

The other design—drawn up by energy firm 3SE—would see non-recyclable waste moved from the site to a new facility at the Ferrybridge Power station, near Goole, where it would be incinerated to create electricity.

SITA’s plant, already dubbed the Dearne Valley Treatment and Energy Centre, includes a chimney, which project manager Geoff Birkett suggested would be between 50 and 70 metres high.

Both facilities would automatically sift waste that could be recycled from black bin contents that had not been sorted by householders.

That material could then be sent away for re-use.

The plant proposed by 3SE would see waste dried on-site before it was sorted for recycling or incineration.