New hopes for future of Firbeck Hall

A DECADE of neglect at a picturesque stately home could be over after a liquidator took over ownership.

Grade II-listed Firbeck Hall has been left to rot behind makeshift barricades—erected in an attempt to keep out thieves—since it was bought by developer Glen Saint in the 90s.

Now it looks set for a change of ownership after Mr Saint’s firm, Cambs Construction Ltd, fell into the hands of Leeds-based liquidator KPMG on Tuesday.

A spokesman for KPMG told the Advertiser: “The business has ceased trading and its assets are going to be liquidated.

“We will be working to release Cambs’ assets, in this case selling the properties and redistributing the resulting funds to its debtors.”

She added: “Firbeck Hall is an unusual asset and we will be appointing an agent to sell it.”

This week members of the Friends of Firbeck Hall denied suggestions that they were jumping for joy at the news but said that the latest developments could finally “set the wheels in motion” on any plans to revive the ailing building’s fortunes.

Group chairman Simon Drohan said: “It is sad that it has had to end this way but our concerns have always been for the welfare of the hall and this could finally see the changes we have been waiting for.

“For whatever reason Glen Saint refused to sell the hall throughout a property boom and preferred to watch it rot.

“Now his business seems to have failed and the hall could be up for a sale at a time when there are few investors lining up.

“We just hope that someone comes forward to breathe life into the hall once more.”

Negotiations surrounding the possible sale of the Firbeck Hall have been continuing since last summer.

Conservation experts from Rotherham Borough Council orchestrated visits to the hall—once the haunt of Hollywood stars and royalty in its former life as an exclusive country club—which were attended by Glen Saint and members of a trust believed to be interested in buying the former country club and NHS hospital.

 News of Cambs’ liquidation could also mean the sale of a mini-housing estate that has remained unfinished for more than 20 years.

Several detached homes were built by Cambs Construction off Hard Lane, Harthill, with all but the windows and interior fittings in place, before work mysteriously stopped.

It was subsequently dubbed “the ghost town” by baffled villagers.


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